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Dental Scaler Parts


For more available parts, repairs or technical support contact our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members. We’re here to assist you with all your needs.

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Ergo Basic Handpiece Ergo Basic Handpiece
Item# 5606362
3-Leads Handpiece 3-Leads Basic Handpiece
Item# 5605301
Ergogrip Basic Sleeve ErgoGrip Silicone Sleeve
Item# 4516331
Ultra Light Sleeve ErgoGrip Ultra Light Silicone Sleeve
Item# 5606451
Protective Sleeve Protective Sleeve Grey
Item# 4504501
Ergo Tip Cassette Ergo Tip Cassette
Item# 5609581
Metal Tip Wrench Metal Tip Wrench (Universal)
Item# 4514651
Endo fileholder key Endo Fileholder Key
Item# 5500952
Blue Gasket for QAT Sleeve Blue Gasket for Quick-A-Tip
Item# 4507541
Quick Disconnect Coupling Release Quick Disconnect (Male)
Item# 5267921
Waterhose Water Hose
Item# 5501921

To contact us call:  1-800-884-3507 sales@dbidental.com


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