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20e Air Motor

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DBI 20E Air Motor

The DBI 20E Air Motor “E” type is designed to be a multi-procedural handpiece. The speed is adjustable from 2,500 rpm to 24,000 rpm. Optional cooling system through external spray port. Available in 2 or 4 hole. Fully autoclavable.

 4 Hole Item# 71232.020/4            2 Hole Item# 71232.020/2             


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DBI Straight Nose

The Straight handpiece is designed to accept disposable prophy-angle or burs. Up to 40,000 rpm. Low vibration due to use of 3 ball bearings. 1:1 “E” Type. Fully autoclavable.

 Item# 71232.030/1

Polisher 5K

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DBI 5 SGII Low Speed Polisher

The DBI 5 SGII Polisher is designed for Prophylaxis Application. Compact and lightweight Polisher has speeds up to 5,000 rpm to prevent stripping the gears of commonly used Disposable Prophy Angles and minimizes paste splatter.

 Item# 71232.020/6

Low Speed Polisher 20K

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DBI 20 SGII Low Speed Handpiece

The DBI 20 SGII Low Speed Handpiec is designed to give you ultra high torque at lower speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Accepts standard Straight Burs and Contra Angles

 Item# 71232.020/5



Contra Angle

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DBI Contra Angle

The Contra Angle handpiece is designed for greater precision in preparing cavities. Up to 20,000 rpm features low vibration due to the use of 2 ball bearings latch type. 1:1 “E” Type. Fully autoclavable.

Item# 71232.030/2

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Swivel Fiber Optic High Speed Push Button Handpiece

The Swivel Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece was designed with precision and finesse. The ability of 360° rotation for the optimum user-friendly experience while reducing fatigue. Equipped with ceramic ball bearing for smooth and quiet operation, Dual bright fiber optic illumination beams to enhance your field of vision. Connects to a 5 or 6 pin Quick Disconnect Coupler** for easy. Autoclavable.

Item# SW1

** Quick Disconnect is Sold Separately

Maxi Torque Fiber Optic

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Maxi Torque Fiber Optic

The Maxi Torque Fiber Optic handpiece is a push button handpiece with speeds up to 420,000 rpm and three spray cooling ports. Equipped with two focused lights emitting white light towards the bur to enhance visibility. The cool light source is delivered by a fiber optic bundle inside the handpiece.

Item# 40888.000/5


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The JP390 provides good visibility and easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the tooth. Speed of up to 390,000 rpm and one cooling spray port. Available in 2 or 4 hole push button. Fully autoclavable.

4 Hole Item# 40888.390/4            2 Hole Item# 40888.390/2


Maxi Torque

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DBI Maxi Torque

The Maxi Torque is ideal for job requiring extra torque such as crown removal. Seed of up to 420,000 rpm and three cooling spray port. Available in 4 hole push button. Fully autoclavable.

Item# 40888.000/1


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